Guided Meditation and/or Yoga Classes for Mindful Living

Everyone Welcome! All classes are mindful in nature, nurturing spirit first. It's much easier to meditate and practice yoga with an experienced certified teacher within a group of like minded people. Both guided meditation and yoga classes welcome beginners and those with experience. Simply select the type that is most suited to your needs.

What you can expect from a variety of ongoing meditation classes for mindful living.

While each class is a little different they all have a basic format. One hour guided meditation classes begin with a philosophical theme, followed by a 30 minute guided meditation. A portion of the guided meditation is silent. Afterwards, a 10-15 minute discussion allows everyone to ask questions and/or share the experience and benefits of the session, if that is what they want to do. This encourages compassionate witnessing and community development.

Offered seated in chairs for alertness and comfort, guided meditations nurture acceptance, non-judgment, mindfulness, health and wholeness.Blankets are provided for warmth and comfort. Enjoy a complimentary cup of soothing herbal tea before you begin your meditation.

Types of Guided Meditation Classes

Reflective Meditation

Reflective Meditation classes include an insightful topic that inspires personal and spiritual growth through self-reflection and awareness.

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Mindful Chakra Meditation

This is a gentle guided meditation class supporting the experience of chakras from within for a deeper mind, body and soul connection.

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Loving Kindness Meditation

Experience the art of mindfulness and loving kindness. Every class includes an inspiring topic to bring awareness to opening...

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Drum Circle & Meditation

Align heart and soul with the rhythm of the earth in a dynamic drum circle. Class begins with a guided...

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Full Moon Meditation

Full Moon meditations are guided, and offered once a month to celebrate the ending and beginning of the next cycle of life in rhythm with nature.

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Sound Healing Meditation

Imagine the healing power of Tibetan Singing Bowls, the Kindred Spirit Drum, a Rain Stick and Silence.

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What you can expect from a variety of ongoing Yoga classes for mindful living.

Imagine coming to a yoga class in a smaller setting where you receive personalized attention to ensure proper alignment and breathing, and mindful insights.

Veracis Yoga classes are ideal for individuals who generally feel safer in smaller classes, and seek a yoga class with a meditation foundation. Each yoga class aligns mind, body and soul for an integrated yoga experience, beginning and ending with a short meditation. With smaller groups Certified Yoga Teachers  can also offer modified pose options for those recovering from physical injuries or have limitations with a customized approach.

Veracis provides, at no extra cost,  use of sanitized yoga mats and blankets for warmth and comfort. Enjoy a complimentary cup of herbal tea before leaving your class.

Types of Yoga Classes

Chakra Yoga

Chakra yoga helps you connect with your primary energy centres through asanas (yoga poses).

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Gentle Hatha Yoga

Gentle Hatha Yoga is a slower version of regular Hatha yoga, and may include the deeper stretching poses of Yin Yoga.

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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the most popular westernized traditional yoga, and can be taken as deeply as desired by the individual.

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Restorative Yoga

Deeply relaxing and healing, Restorative Yoga uses supported Hatha Yoga poses and breath work to release tension...

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Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a deep stretch class. It is quieter, introspective and meditative, consisting of floor based (hatha) poses...

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Yoga Nidra

In Yoga Nidra Deep Guided Meditation you enter a deep relaxation where you go past the “dreaming state”...

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